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Many images created during the making of Danger in the Reeds and a limited number of delux Phragwrites Pens may be ordered by clicking here, secured payments through PayPal. The color prints are carefully prepared and printed by a professional color lab. All proceeds will help us reach more people with Danger in the Reeds. Learn more.

The wind and tides on Massachusetts's north shore help stir the salt with the fresh waters, endlessly sculpting the sandy shores and muddy creeks in the Great Marsh into a fascinating tapestry of life where a diversity of terrain, plants, animals and aquatic organisms are all co-dependent.

Danger in the Reeds is a series of documentary videos developed to educate the public about an aggressive invading plant, Phragmites australis, which is pushing out the natural diversity with dense, mono-culture stands of tall reeds with deeply penetrating roots.

Phragmites is spreading quickly across the country, finding places where disturbances in the soil and salinity are to their liking. This project received funding on Kickstarter from supporters, also across the country, to create the videos. We wish to thank and invite our generous supporters to enjoy each episode on this page. It would not have been possible to created them without your support. At present, there is no funding to help in reaching a larger audience, we must rely on each of you to share this link on your social media pages, blogs and web sites. We thank you as well for your efforts.

 Danger in the Reeds Overview
The Danger in the Reeds Overview is a 20 minute video in which we feature a little of each of the 11 segments about Phragmites available below in full. Additional information about each of the 11 segments may be found by clicking the "Learn more." links at the end of each description.
Introduction to Danger in the Reeds with Senator Bruce Tarr
In State Senator Bruce Tarr's introduction to "Danger in the Reeds" he recalls the Task Force's history and urges communities in other regions of the country to follow their model to tackle the ongoing problem of Phragmites. Learn more.
The Common Reed, Phragmites with Tim Simmons
Viewers who may never have the opportunity to visit the Great Marsh will quickly understand from Tim's clear and precise explanations why these 14 square miles of marsh lands are so important to all of us and how Phragmites has evolved into a "super" species capable of damaging ecosystems like the Great Marsh wherever it is allowed to expand. Learn more.
The Problems with Monoculture Stands of Phragmites
with Geoff Walker

Geoff Walker, Newbury Selectman and Ducks Unlimited Marsh Chairperson, leads us through a mature stand of Phragmites on Ring Island to illustrate what happens when the invasive reed is allowed to expand without a rigorous management program. Learn more.
Taking Root in the High Marsh with Dr. Gregg Moore
We join Dr. Gregg Moore (UNH) in the Great Marsh as he compares root depth of Phragmites to native plants in the high marsh.  With the help of his seven year old, Grant, they seek to understand one of the ways this invasive plant gets a leg up on the competition. Learn more.
Healthy Habitats in the Great Marsh with Robert Buchsbaum
Dr. Buchsbaum, Mass Audubon, shares his well-researched concern over the effects of the Phragmites monocultures on resident and migratory birds that depend on native plant diversity to flourish. Learn more.
GPS Phragmites Mapping with Peter Phippen
Peter Phippen takes us onto the Great Marsh to document the effectiveness of the past years' spraying program and to create detailed maps to be used in the coming year's program. Learn more.
Salinity Mapping with Dr Gregg Moore
Dr. Moore explains the cutting edge technology used for salinity mapping on the Great Marsh and its value in prioritizing management actions while minimizing the use of chemicals. Learn more.
Spraying Phragmites with Kurt Ehrhart
Kurt, while riding his amphibious "MarshMaster" vehicle through rivers and across grassy marshes, explains the process of spraying Phragmites and the safety of this well-tested management strategy. This video is a must see simply to watch how efficiently Kurt is able to navigate the marsh while not leaving a trace of its presence. Learn more.
Mowing Phragmites with Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan, Wetlands Project Coordinator for the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and wetlands Management District, explains how mowing efforts reduce fire hazards and helps control mosquitos while also helping to stop the expansion of Phragmites when combined with a vigorous spraying program. Learn more.
The Great Marsh Classroom with Liz Duff and Lori LaFrance
Constrictions which alter the flow of salt and fresh water on the Great Marsh have a major effect on the conditions which can favor or restrain the growth of Phragmites stands. In this segment of Danger in the Reeds we follow the Ipswich High School Environmental Science Class as they learn about the effects constrictions have on tidal flow where salt and fresh water blend to create brackish water before and after a restoration project. Learn more.
Parker River National Wildlife Refuge with Frank Drauszewski
Dr Moore and Frank Drauszewski explore their concerns over Phragmites in the Great Marsh from the perspective of managing the National Parker River Wildlife Refuge, first established in 1942, the largest and most important marsh ecosystem located between New Jersey and Canada. Learn more.


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