Danger in the Reeds Art Gallery

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Images created while recording Danger in the Reeds
Good Morning Great Marsh
 "Good Morning Great Marsh"
16x10 color print $50.00

Parker River Wildlife Refuge Boat Ramp
"Boat Ramp in the Parker River Wildlife Refuge"
16x10 color print $50.00
Dusk on Pine Island
"Dusk on Pine Island"
16x10 color print $50.00
Healthy Diversity in Marsh Plant Life
"Healthy Diversity in Marsh Plant Life"
16x10 color print $50.00
"Egret at Dusk"
16x9 color print $50.00
Resting Yellow Legs
"Resting Yellow Legs"
16x9 color print $50.00
Glasswort [(Salicornia depressa)]
"Glasswort (Salicornia depressa)"
16x10 color print $50.00
Early Fall Salt Marsh Hay, (Spartina patens)

"Early Fall Salt Marsh Hay, (Spartina patens) "
16x10 color print $50.00

Late Fall Salt marsh hay, (Spartina patens)

"Late Fall Salt Marsh Hay, (Spartina patens) "
16x10 color print $50.00

Salt Marsh Hay
"Stacked Salt Marsh Hay"
16x10 color print $50.00
Bales of Salt Marsh Hay Stacked
"Bales of Salt Marsh Hay"
16x10 color print $50.00
Artist's Collection of Great Marsh Images
Young Red-Tailed
"Young Red-Tailed"
20x12 color print $75.00
Owl Napping in Refuge
"Owl Napping in Refuge"
16x10 color print $50.00
The Marsh Express
"The Marsh Express"
24x12 color print $75.00
Lines Across the Marsh
"Lines Across the Marsh"
14.5x9.5 Sepia print in 20x15 mat $75.00
Thank You Items for our Kickstarter Supporters

Supporters of $50 or more may select one of the four images below.
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These images may be purchased here for $50 each.

Marsh Wanderer
"Great Marsh Wanderer"
16x10 color print $50.00
Great Marsh Paddler
"Great Marsh Paddler"
16x10 color print $50.00
Great Marsh Creek
"Great Marsh Creek"
16x10 color print $50.00
Great Marsh Reflections
"Great Marsh Reflections"
16x10 color print $50.00

Danger in the Reeds is being produced by Staddles Productions
with the help of Dr Gregg Moore, Peter Phippen and Geoff Walker.

We would all like to express our graditude to our many Kickstarter supporters
without whom this project would not be possible.

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