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Many images created during the making of Danger in the Reeds and a limited number of delux Phragwrites Pens may be ordered by clicking here, secured payments through PayPal. The color prints are carefully prepared and printed by a professional color lab. All proceeds will help us reach more people with Danger in the Reeds. Learn more.

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330,000 People Drink From This River Every Day.

The Ipswich River Watershed:
A Disruption of the Water Cycle
with Wayne Castonguay

Wayne Castonguay is the Director of the Ipswich River Watershed Association, Wayne Castongauy introduces us to the challenges that the Ipswich River faces today. From the issues of water withdrawal to anadromous fish, he presents the watershed as a complex system of natural and anthropogenic drivers.


Danger in the Reeds is being produced by Staddles Productions
with the help of Dr Gregg Moore, Peter Phippen and Geoff Walker.

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without whom this project would not be possible.

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